Almost everyone longs for a better life, to stand out, and to be recognized for their unique ability. But limited by truth and circumstance, when does fraud become an option? Exposing true accounts of real con artists, the original Canadian series IMPOSTORS premieres on Investigation Discovery. The six-part, one-hour series uncovers shocking stories of shrewd and manipulative people who will do almost anything to con their way into a life of luxury and prestige.

IMPOSTORS tells the appalling stories of people who plan to cheat others, without the burden of compassion. These people will stop at nothing to get what they want - wealth, power, and influence. Highlights from the first three episodes of IMPOSTORS include:

In 1989, Alexi Indris Santana arrives at Princeton University on an athletic scholarship. All of his newfound success begins to unravel after he runs into someone from his past. She knows that there's more to Santana than meets the eye, and his dark secrets will create one of the biggest scandals to ever rock the campus.

In 2003, former drug addict and child prostitute, JT Leroy has overcome his troubled past and is at the top of his career. His three published books have won over critics.
But Leroy is also known for his eccentric behaviour. It takes him years before he finally appears in public, and when he does, he wears a wig and sunglasses. Journalist Stephen Beachy isn't buying into all the hype, and when he starts digging into Leroy's past he discovers a web of lies and deception with shocking secrets.

IMPOSTORS: "Michael Sabo"
Investigator Marty Syczyk from the Colonie, New York, police department is determined to find a conman after the imposter hits his town for thousands of dollars. The conman is a master of disguise and poses as a doctor, a psychologist, and an airline pilot, and other professional aliases. He collects millions of dollars across the United States, never making a mistake. Syczyk resolves to stop and nothing to track him down. What he doesn't know is that he's pursuing one of the most wanted men in the U.S.



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